How to become a Senegence Distributor

I receive questions about how to become a distributor so often that I thought I would make a separate post answering the most common FAQ's. 

In a nutshell, Senegence:

  • Does not have auto-ships (Yay! We all know how annoying those companies can be)
  • There are no monthly minimums (You can join for a personal discount, even if you do not plan on selling!) Senegence will NEVER charge your credit card without you wanting them to! 
  • Income potential is limitless (the sky is really the limit)
  • Our distributorship cost of $55 is a yearly fee (kind of like Costco)
  • You receive a 20-50% off all product all year long (I do not know of a single company that offers 50% off product!) 
  • You start earning commission the moment you make a sale on your products (no waiting games here!)

Watch the video I made, where I go into more detail about everything below!